1450064_10153457049355167_977091188_nOur Placement Unit is headed by Mrs. Iboro
Anthony. We have a record of placing over 95%
of students in Schools in Nigeria and Abroad. She
is an Certified Immigration Consultant and has
obtained affiliations with many good universities abroad.
Mrs. Anthony has placed students in the UK, Canada, USA,
Ghana, Kenya and Hungary. In Nigeria, Showers Placement
has Memorandum of Understanding with Babcock University
and Elizade University. Our students have been admitted into
good private and public universities like Covenant University,
University of Ibadan, Lagos, Calabar, Port-Harcourt and Uyo.
A’level is a super route to top public universities in Nigeria, It guarantees a good performance
for the first degree. Our Alumni can testify that it helped secure good degree at the end of
their program. Our goal is to match each child to a school, where we know, they will thrive
and succeed in their academic endeavours.
Mrs. Anthony, is also the School Architect.

We have, over the years, sent a majority of our students to some of the Universities depicted above.