Ekama E. Akpan


Mrs E. E. Akpan is the Executive Director and Proprietress of Showers Christian High School, Rivers State. She began her education at St Paul School, Nsukka and then completed her secondary schooling in Holy Child Secondary School at Mount Carmel, Ogoja.

Her schooling however was interrupted by the Biafran war which engulfed Nigeria at that period. In her words,

The war taught me to use what is available to make the best out of life. It was a sobering time and passing through that period gave me the determination to ensure that I am in a position in life to help others and to influence those around me to do their best. It also showed me the lengths to which human beings can go to achieve their own selfish aims and taught me to value equity and fair play and try to strive for these values in my own life.

She returned to school after the war and graduated in 1974.

She was a recipient of the Federal Government Overseas Scholarship which she used to study Social Sciences at the Polytechnic of Central London, now known as the University of Westminster London. She graduated with a Bachelor in Arts degree in Social Sciences in 1979 and obtained a Master in Business Administration from St. Xavier University  in the Paris Campus, in 1992.

She served as a Youth Corper at Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) at Warri  from 1980 to 1982. She then moved on DSC, Ovian Aladja, Warri, where she worked as Premier Staff in Administration from 1983 to 1984.  She relocated to Port Harcourt, with Her husband and  was employed as Administrative and Personnel  Manager in Sodexho Nigeria Port Harcourt, from 1985 to 1990.

She left for Cross Posting to Paris, with her husband, in 1990 and on return went into her own personal business.

She has always been a hardworking woman committed to excellence in her work ethics. This is evidenced by the mark she has made wherever she has worked. As a Administrative and  Personnel Manager of Sodexho, she increased their staff strength to 700; Cut excessive overhead costs; regulated the work terrain of the company by guarding the rules and regulations of the workplace and encouraged excellence as a basis of promotion.  The company was at the height of their profit when she left them honourably.

Her passion however has always been for youth development and it is in this that she has stood out. She initially organized a book club called Readers Club for the children of our neighborhood where we would meet every Saturday to read and discuss assigned books. In later years, she started a holiday lesson course which eventually evolved into a secondary school and then an A/Level College.

Presently, this school is the partner school in a pioneer community development program which trains children from underdeveloped communities in our state from junior up to high school.  Her desire is to train the children from these school, valuable traits of honesty, hard work and excellence in what they do.  No cheating policy is a norm in these schools, which is from the crèche to A/levels.

Mrs E. E. Akpan is a person who deserves to be celebrated both for her achievements in the home and in her community. She has been an example for her children and a source of continued support and encouragement in our lives. God has brought her into positions of influence where she has always striven to be a blessing in the lives of the people around her. She has had so many challenges in her life, but in the end she has come out as gold purified by the refining fire.

Mrs Akpan is married to Engr. Anthony Akpan (1997) and the union is blessed with 10 children, 4 Boys, and 6 Girls and Grand children.