Chioma Nnani


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The evening of April 16, 2015, I got an unfamiliar call from London. A voice called me. “Mum this is Chioma Nnani… Your old student. Do you remember me? I answered “of course. We cried together over your Maths issue” and we both laughed…

Chioma went on to tell me how her books just got nominated for an award in Nigeria and got good reviews in London and other places. I was impressed.

She went on to tell me other good news, how she she landed her own radio program with BBC London, to talk about issues concerning women and youths….I was happy for her considering the circumstances Chioma came to us in showers school, years back.

Chioma’s Lesson is for Parents and those involved in Young people’s education is to be careful not to push them to areas where there is no natural talent. As Chioma’s story proved, her talent found a way.

Chi had been denied admission in Nigerian University because she had failed Maths after three sittings. She wondered how she is to progress without Maths, when her interest was to read Law.

So that day as I stumbled on her weeping, we wept together as I really understood her frustrations. After all she was not getting younger and time was passing by fast. We prayed together and presented the issue to The Lord.

Somehow she took courage and attempted the Great Maths once again, not long after, while making alternative plans.

I watched her attempt the Maths on the day of the examination while praying within me for divine help. I saw her expressions as she opened the question paper, change from fear to hope and joy as she saw familiar questions. She dug in to the questions and as she finished it was not the same Chioma that went in that came out.

Cutting story short, the heavens open, as shortly after she got admission to Abacus UK and by the time the Cambridge result was out, which she now passed, Chioma was already in the Uk.

She went on to break the college Records in the Arts Diploma examinations and went on merit to the University of Kent to read Law. She graduated with flying colors and today our Chioma has books published to her name.

You can follow her progress in her blog

I was pleased in her, in the training of good manners; she called to thank me, in a touching way she said to me, ” thank you for believing in me”. Not many youths these days say thank you after you have made an impact in their lives.

We have many plus stories like this in Showers. The important thing for us, alumnus, is that you keep the touch shining… Pass it along. Touch other lives too if we have touch yours…

In showers We Care…